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What are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy?

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy  Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy. It is a method of treatment that uses light to address the treatment area. What are Read More

Common Air Bag and Seatbelt Injuries

When you're injured in an auto accident, you can count on the chiropractic services of Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic, serving the residents of Chanhassen, MN. Our team is dedicated to providing Read More

Patient Success Story

A year ago a friend recommended Dr Kennedy when I was experiencing vestibular issues. My first appointment I was walking extremely slow being careful not to move my head to Read More

Patient Success Story

Have you ever wondered if your supplements are working? Orthomolecular has a process to make their fish oil more absorbable and cleaner than most other brands. I took a blood Read More

Patient Success Story

A patient was constipated. She was bloated and hadn’t had a bowel movement in nine days! I used chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, and supplements and after one treatment she has Read More

Patient Success Story

This one year old was waking up every one to two hours at night and was often fussy. His neck muscles were really tight. After four chiropractic adjustments and laser Read More

Patient Success Story

“I’ve seen a lot of different chiropractors over the years due to my uncanny ability to find myself injured. This particular injury I fell at work and thought I had Read More

Chronic Pain

A patient came in with chronic pain in his left arm and shoulder for over 3 years which he rated it as 8/10 pain. At times the pain was so Read More

Extreme Low Back Pain

A patient had extreme low back pain which he expressed was a 15/10 pain, and at one point was stuck laying on the floor for 4 hours. An MRI confirmed Read More

Suffering From Hip Pain

A patient was suffering from hip pain that was waking her up at night, neck pain, and dizziness. After a few treatments her pain and dizziness were gone but she continued to Read More

Neurological Therapies

I started adding more neurological therapies to my office. The video on the left shows before she did exercises and the video shows afterwards. The patient is told to turn her Read More

Acute Knee Pain

A patient presented with acute knee-pain she rated 8/10. Walking was becoming difficult for her. After 6 visits (4 weeks) her pain is gone. I used collagen to help rebuild Read More

Patient Success Story - Shoulder Pain

A patient had shoulder pain for over a year that was waking him up at night and preventing him from working out. I used Rock Tape on his shoulder which Read More

Patient Success Story

A patient was having issues with depression, anxiety,  back pain, andnausea from eating.  She was concerned because she lost unintentionallylost so much weight and was staying in bed all day.After Read More

Patient Success Story

I have struggled for years with varicose veins due to pregnancy. The painas I got older was slowly increasing and it became more uncomfortable tostand for long periods of time. Read More

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