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Carole’s Story

“We can all achieve his ‘get healthy and stay healthy’ mission!”

Carole' s success story at Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic in Chanhassen

Carole’s dramatic transformation

I had been touching flea poison daily for 3 months on my cats in Florida (fleas in Florida don’t die easily). After a while, I saw my immune system compromised and I became allergic to sugar, gluten and alcohol and it would blow up my eyes and I was in misery whenever I had even a smidgen of it.

It would last a full week as pictured above once it started; my skin would become dry and brittle and literally peel off in chunks after being inflamed. If I had gone to a conventional doctor they would have given me steroids and antibiotics. I did not want that option because it would only give me temporary relief for the symptoms, and not curing the root cause. Several of my friends encouraged me to try Dr. Kennedy because they were having success with their own issues.

I was desperate for relief and using my Neti pot, and applying aloe & coconut oil on the inflamed eyes only gave me short-term relief. I wanted help to solve my problems permanently and also an education on how to prevent future intense outbreaks.

Dr. Kennedy tested me for mercury and aluminum and then prescribed tinctures, supplements and a metal free spray to draw out the poisons. The poisons literally came out of my forehead and eye ducts and would burn my skin around my eyes and it would itch profusely every time I accidentally ate sugar. Sneaky sugar is in everything and I had to learn this the hard way. This process took four months that kept repeating until the intensity decreased in my body as the heavy metals came out.

In the meantime, because I was no longer eating sugar, gluten and drinking alcohol; I dropped 15 pounds in four months plus, lost body fat. This in turn helped my body heal faster, gave me renewed energy and got rid of the brain fog.

It’s been a journey of discipline to stay true to Dr. Kennedy’s regimen, changing my eating patterns; but the pain and misery of what I experienced outweighs the discipline. I am so happy that Dr. Kennedy helped me also get my sluggish thyroid going as well. Don’t miss your opportunity to have him analyze you and get permanent relief. It does take time; there are no short term fixes. We can all achieve his “get healthy and stay healthy” mission!

- Carole D.

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