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Meet Dr. Michael Kennedy

Meet Dr. Michael Kennedy of Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic in Chanhassen

Dr. Michael Kennedy

A Path that Led to Chiropractic Care

“When I was younger, I had trouble recovering from a broken arm and went to physical therapy. My physical therapist helped me regain motion in my arm, which allowed me to return to the sports that I love. She helped me get my life back! This experience inspired me consider a career in the healthcare field to help other people in the same way.

My high school career counselor gave me bad advice. He said I should go into engineering because I was good at physics and calculus. I loved college, but really disliked my engineering classes. I decided to go the career center and put my likes and dislikes into a computer and chiropractic came up as a career.

I learned that chiropractors help people heal using their hands without the use of drugs or surgery. I thought that was perfect and exactly what I wanted to do…be a chiropractor.”

I later experienced a shoulder injury, and went to a chiropractor for help. “The pain relief was instant! What was even more of a surprise, the chiropractor showed me I was sensitive to dairy with the use of muscle testing.

At that time I had over 40 warts on my hands and feet that had been repeatedly treated by freezing, but never improved. After taking dairy out of my diet, within weeks the warts all went away. I knew I’d found my calling to be a healer!”

A Chiropractic Education that Continues

Dr. Kennedy graduated from Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, MN. “I really loved learning about the many techniques chiropractors can use to help their patients, and I participated in multiple clubs at school where we learned and taught different techniques.”

He also experienced an amazingly effective technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK). “This technique relieved pain I was having in my shoulders, low back pain, and it helped me with persistent warts” He was so excited about Applied Kinesiology; he was the president of his school’s AK club.

After graduating from chiropractic school, running a new practice was more stressful than anticipated, which took a toll on Dr. Kennedy. He was going through a health crisis: his wrists constantly ached, and he was experiencing chronic mid back pain, knee pain going up stairs, high blood pressure, aches, shoulder pain with running, and low energy. He was afraid he would have to change careers if something did not change soon.

Dr. Kennedy visited a chiropractor who used a technique called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), where he learned he needed to remove wheat from his diet, and that his heart needed to be better-supported. After a few months of changing his diet and supporting his heart, his chronic pain and high blood pressure were completely gone.

Excited about using this technique on his patients, Dr. Kennedy then traveled to Florida to study advanced clinical training in Nutrition Response Testing for which he is fully certified.

Additionally, Dr. Kennedy recently began training for a Chiropractic Neurology Diplomate in early 2014. This is a very intensive program that takes two years to complete.

“I use Chiropractic Neurology often to help my patients today, and I am continually learning more about the technique and perfecting it,” states Dr. Kennedy.”

An Active Family

Dr. Kennedy and his wife Ashley have four young children: daughter Myla, twin boys Zachary and Elijah, and their youngest son, Joseph, who keep them very busy!

He likes to be outside whenever possible. ‘’Right now, running after my children is my main hobby!”

Additionally, Dr. Kennedy loves to volunteer by providing care to the walkers in the annual Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk event.

“I’d enjoy meeting you to discuss how I can help you experience pain relief and wellness through Chiropractic and Nutritional care.”

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