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At Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

  • What a blessing that I found Dr. Kennedy!

    I went to Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic with neck and shoulder issues due to a fall. Dr. Kennedy explained how he could help me regarding my problems and always asks if I have any questions. After my first week of treatment I could feel a difference in my pain and headaches. I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy for all your chiropractic concerns. He really listens and wants to help his patients feel better. Dr. Kennedy and his staff are just the best. What a blessing that I found Dr. Kennedy!

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  • I Could Not Be More Grateful and Will Never Go Back to Prescriptions

    I’m 37 years old and have suffered from chronic anxiety my entire adult life. Six years ago I began seeing a psychiatrist and was prescribed Zoloft and Wellbutrin for management. While these medications did a decent job of curbing the anxiety, the side effects were miserable. I had tremors when I began the Wellbutrin, gained weight that I am still trying to lose, lost my libido and struggled with insomnia. I stopped taking both just shy of a year ago. 

    This year has been a stressful one, to say the least, and has caused a significant spike in my anxiety overall. After suffering two panic attacks within a one week period, Dr. Kennedy recommended I try CopaCalm. It’s been two weeks since I started taking it and it brought my anxiety from a 10 to a 2, almost immediately. No panic attacks and not a single side effect. I could not be more grateful and will never go back to prescriptions.

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  • I Absolutely Love This Place

    I absolutely love this place and the people who work here! I walked away feeling not only physically better but with hope and positive thoughts on my mind. I would highly recommend Dr Kennedy and did so already once today to a friend!

    - Emily A.
  • Very Impressed

    Very impressed with Dr Kennedy’s knowledge of the spine, and brain-gut connection, as well as the integration of a variety of modalities for healing including spinal adjustments, laser treatments, and brain retraining. Very few doctors check your brain function and I believe this could be key to my healing. I’m hopeful he can help me improve my health so I can return to work and enjoy life.

    Show More - Janan J.
  • Thorough and Immediate Services

    My first appointment was amazing. I was looking for a chiropractor that isn’t “old school” and is willing to discuss brain activity and gut issues along with the skeletal issues I am working on. Dr. Kennedy’s initial assessment was very thorough and I appreciated immediate services and not just an intake appointment with services to start on a different day. I am confident that the care plan we have set up will be extremely effective in assisting me to gain my health back.

    Show More - Shelley B.
  • Every Part of That Experience Was Wonderful

    Kent and I walked out and said that every part of that experience was wonderful! I’m still recovering a bit but hopeful that I can (and already did) get some help! Thanks to Karen, Tracy and Dr Kennedy!

    - Betty G.
  • The Best!

    I’ve seen more than a dozen chiropractors over the years for chronic pain. Dr. Michael has helped me more in a short time than anyone else could. His combination of therapies works great! By using muscle testing, he’s able to pinpoint exactly what my body needs in terms of spinal adjustments, laser treatments, and nutritional support. He takes a holistic approach to helping people heal, and he does an amazing job at applying all of his knowledge. He’s the best!

    Show More - Angela P.
  • Personalized Care

    I’ve been working with Dr Kennedy for over 5 years and regular visits with him are an important part of my self-care routine. Initially I started coming for chiropractic care due to back pain shortly after my first child was born. I quickly began adding nutrition visits to my routine, as well as a few of his recommended supplements, which helped me increase my energy and lose weight.

    Show More - Anita M.
  • Great At Explaining

    Dr. Kennedy is great at explaining what he is going to do and why he is doing it. I think his method of adjusting my neck and spine is improving my posture thus relieving pain. I also feel like I have more energy since I have started sessions with him.

    - Carol A.
  • No More Leg Pain

    This was my first time going to a chiropractor. The ladies in the front office were very nice and very helpful as I was feeling nervous. Dr. Kennedy is warm and very knowledgeable. I had pain in my calf for over a year. It is now gone after 3 visits. I feel great and I will be bringing my family in as well.

    Show More - Jane M.
  • Great Listener

    Dr Kennedy is easy to talk to, great listener and helpful at getting you back to feeling great!

    - Kathleen H.
  • The Best And Most Effective Treatment

    I love the way you assess and adjust according to the body’s preference of order. The cranial adjustment you did was the best and most effective treatment I have ever experienced.

    - Michelle S.
  • Already Feel Better!

    One week into my treatment and I already feel better!

    - Teri T.
  • Feeling Great

    Feeling great after two visits! Plenty more to come for long term positive health!

    - Justin P.
  • Amazed!

    I am amazed at the level of Nutritional and Chiropractic that Dr. Michael has. His passion for health that he has is second to none.

    - Kristen L.
  • Best Chiropractic Treatment!

    This was one of the best chiropractic treatments I have ever received, and I am 62 years old, so I’ve been around. After the treatment, my family and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. Not only had the pain subsided drastically, I was filled with new energy, and even enthusiasm! It was as if my entire body had opened up with a free, deep breath of life.

    Show More - Juan S.
  • All of My Symptoms are Gone

    “Before seeing Dr. Kennedy, I had daily stomach pains, cramping, constipation, bloating, and a distended abdomen. I was experiencing these symptoms for years and no medical professional could tell me what was causing them. I tried going to a chiropractor who stated GI problems could be solved with adjustments, so I made a one year commitment to a chiropractor. After one year, my symptoms didn’t improve. My primary MD referred me to a gastroenterologist. They told me I was fructose intolerant but not lactose intolerant and was not sensitive to gluten. They told me to change my diet to exclude fructose and if my symptoms didn’t subside I should come back in 30 days. I wasn’t given instruction on what foods to avoid though. My symptoms didn’t go away and my abdomen was more distended than ever…”

    Show More - Megan
  • My Daughter’s Headaches are Gone!

    “Originally we saw Dr. Kennedy for my senior high daughter who was suffering from headaches. She no longer has headaches. He deals with both the skeletal and muscle structure of the body. Because of his desire to want you to get well and his willingness to take the time with you, we, as a family have continued to see Dr. Kennedy.

    Show More - Carrie, MN
  • Great Results and Felt Taller After Treatments

    “As a professional martial artist, keeping my body in peak performance is essential to my well being in the ring as well as in the classroom. Dr Kennedy has not only helped me reach what I thought was my potential, but also exceeded what I believed to be my personal limitations.

    My sleep has improved, I have more energy, and I went from being 5’11 to almost 6’2″ in about one month worth of treatments! Dr. Kennedy is unlike any other Chiropractor I have seen. He actually gets results!”

    Show More - Aaron
  • Improved Shoulder Pain and Sleep

    “I went to Dr. Kennedy I had shoulder pain that would wake me up at night. Dr. Kennedy did the necessary adjustments to help with the shoulder pain and also helped me to work on adjusting my posture which also helps with my problem. My shoulder pain has improved greatly and I am sleeping better also. Thanks Dr. Kennedy.”

    Show More - Randy, MN
  • Stomach Pain, Acid Reflux, and Allergies Improved

    “I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for about a year. After receiving adjustments, changing my diet according to his recommendations and regularly taking the supplements for 6 months, my stomach pain due to acid reflux and my allergies had improved dramatically.

    I would highly recommend his services if you have acid reflux or have allergies such as hay fever. My daughter has also been seen by Dr. Kennedy for a problem with her shoulder. She now has full use of the shoulder without any pain. Dr. Kennedy is always respectful of your budget and will not force you into anything.”

    Show More - Tony, MN
  • Shoulder Pain Gone and 12 Strokes Taken Off My Golf Game

    “I had been having shoulder problems for a few months prior to seeing Dr. Kennedy. I was unable to golf or even workout normally due to the pain and weakness in the joint. He diagnosed my issue on the spot and after the first treatment I took 12 strokes off my golf game. Thanks Dr. Kennedy!”

    Show More - Kevin, MN
  • Pain-free After an Auto Accident

    “I was in a bad car accident last year, and had trouble with my neck and back a few days after the accident. My car insurance covered my visits to Dr. Kennedy. I walked into his office with a crooked stance and walk– I was holding my neck awkwardly because it hurt to keep it straight. I also walked off-center.

    Dr. Kennedy tested my muscles, and determined the areas he needed to target for my recovery. After seeing Dr. Kennedy a few times a week for several weeks, I was literally straightened out. I was able to walk in a straight line and hold my body up, without pain. I credit Dr. Kennedy’s work with my current pain-free state.”

    Show More - Emily, MN
  • Carpal Tunnel Pain and Allergies Gone. Medications Reduced.

    “I heard about Dr. Kennedy through a mutual friend and I was excited to find a kinesthesiologist again. I have had a decade’s long problem with carpal tunnel syndrome that had reached the point of being unbearable. My hands were numb most of the time. I couldn’t type, hold a pen or kitchen knife and I was taking prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication daily. Dr. Kennedy’s treatments have drastically improved my condition.

    Show More - Candace, MN
  • Ankle Pain Disappeared. Back to Karate Faster Than Expected!

    “First time I went to see Dr. Kennedy I had severely sprained my ankle in a martial arts tournament. It was about 4 days of being unable to walk until I went to see Dr. Kennedy. When I left his office I didn’t need crutches anymore! He hastened my healing process by at least 2 weeks. Each following visit my ankle felt better and better. I was also given some supplements for my tendons so that they would heal. I would with out a doubt recommend Dr. Kennedy to anyone.”

    Show More - Walker, MN
  • Life-Changing Experience

    “I was referred to Dr. Kennedy by a personal trainer at my gym. I have been working out for several months with quite a few setbacks due to some back pain, pain in my knee, as well as a low overall energy level.

    My experiences with chiropractors in the past have mixed but after just one session with Dr. Kennedy I could already tell his approach had made a huge difference. So many doctors just seem so focused on making sure you come back over and over again but Dr. Kennedy really takes the time to listen to your body in his treatments and recommend visits only when you need them.

    Show More - Beverley, MN
  • Migraines Gone

    “I began seeing Dr. Kennedy due to regular migraines. I was looking to eliminate the cause of my migraines, not just mask the pain with over-the-counter drugs. I was very impressed with his willingness to listen to my body and really develop a treatment plan that would benefit my individual needs.

    I started feeling better right away! The migraines were gone, and my overall health and outlook has dramatically improved. I don’t feel like I have suffer with migraines – there are natural treatment options available to improve my whole body, mind and spirit.

    Show More - Amy, MN
  • Amazing Results

    “Dr. Kennedy is very thorough. I have been seeing a Kinesiologist on and off for 7 years. I recently switched to Dr. Kennedy and I am very pleased with my decision to see him. He spends more time with me and completes far more in one session than my previous Dr. did in 3 sessions! He is always running on time for his appointments. I never have to wait past my appointment time to see him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.”

    Show More - Kim, MN
  • Pain Gone in One Visit

    “I first tried Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic about 6-8 weeks ago. I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder and have seen a few different chiros over the years. After one – yes (1) session – it was completely gone! I recently returned for a tune up and once again – pain gone. I am highly highly recommending this service to anyone who has migraines, back, neck pain etc. He does an incredible job and if you see a chiro who asks you to come back you definitely have to see Michael. Thanks Michael!”

    Show More - Michelle, MN
  • Feeling Clearer and Stronger

    “My experience receiving Kinesiology and Chiropractic treatments from Dr. Kennedy have been healing as well as very informative. I love the way Dr. Kennedy combines the structural and chemical during his treatments. I always leave feeling clearer and stronger.”

    - Kelly, MN
  • Best Chiropractor I Have Seen

    “While I was on the 3-day event I had the opportunity to see one of the best Doctors I have ever seen. I am not from the Twin Cities area but wanted any local ‘3-dayers’ to know, Dr. Kennedy is worth seeing. I saw him each day at lunch and he spent 15-20 minutes with me as we talked about my body and what I needed. We talked about long-term things I should be doing and maintenance. He is a practicing Chiropractor and an Applied Kinesiologist who truly listens to each patient. I would see him often if I were local. Thanks Dr. Mike, you are the best and my body thanks you!!!”

    Show More - Amberlea, FL
  • Takes the Necessary Time

    “I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for about two years. He has been instrumental in getting my muscular and skeletal needs in order: beginning the process of ordering an MRI, adjusting treatment based on results, and recommending appropriate accessories to lessen the pain of my various conditions. The use of kinesiology with chiropractic care is a definite plus.

    Show More - Fran, MN
  • TMJ Pain Gone

    “To relieve TMJ, I saw a dentist who prescribed muscle relaxants and a massage therapist. Nothing helped. After seeing Dr. Kennedy, however, I was completely free of pain and stiffness. Our family met Dr. Kennedy when he helped our daughter, a college swimmer, dramatically improve ongoing back pain. We know we can count on him to provide outstanding health support in the most professional manner.”

    Show More - Kristi, MN
  • I always believed I fed my children good healthy foods.

    “Last year my 8 year old son started showing severe tics (involuntary movements and sounds). They progressively grew worse as anxiety over school increased during the year. We tried ignoring them for a while- but then the tics started to increase as he became self-conscious about them. I simply could not watch my extremely confident and fun-loving boy spiral into a withdrawn boy due to embarrassment over his tics. I did not want to immediately put him on medication as I have seen so many side effects with meds. So with a little research I found Dr. Kennedy’s website showing that he had helped a child with tics and Tourette’s syndrome.

    Show More - Kelly, MN

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