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Carole’s dramatic transformation

“I had been touching flea poison daily for 3 months on my cats in Florida (fleas in Florida don’t die easily). After a while, I saw my immune system compromised and I became allergic to sugar, gluten and alcohol and it would blow up my eyes and I was in misery whenever I had even a smidgen of it.

It would last a full week as pictured above once it started; my skin would become dry and brittle and literally peel off in chunks after being inflamed. If I had gone to a conventional doctor they would have given me steroids and antibiotics. I did not want that option because it would only give me temporary relief for the symptoms, and not curing the root cause. Several of my friends encouraged me to try Dr. Kennedy because they were having success with their own issues…”

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I was desperate for relief and using my Neti pot, and applying aloe & coconut oil on the inflamed eyes only gave me short-term relief. I wanted help to solve my problems permanently and also an education on how to prevent future intense outbreaks.

Dr. Kennedy tested me for mercury and aluminum and then prescribed tinctures, supplements and a metal free spray to draw out the poisons. The poisons literally came out of my forehead and eye ducts and would burn my skin around my eyes and it would itch profusely every time I accidentally ate sugar. Sneaky sugar is in everything and I had to learn this the hard way. This process took four months that kept repeating until the intensity decreased in my body as the heavy metals came out.

In the meantime, because I was no longer eating sugar, gluten and drinking alcohol; I dropped 15 pounds in four months plus, lost body fat. This in turn helped my body heal faster, gave me renewed energy and got rid of the brain fog.

It’s been a journey of discipline to stay true to Dr. Kennedy’s regimen, changing my eating patterns; but the pain and misery of what I experienced outweighs the discipline. I am so happy that Dr. Kennedy helped me also get my sluggish thyroid going as well. Don’t miss your opportunity to have him analyze you and get permanent relief. It does take time; there are no short term fixes. We can all achieve his “get healthy and stay healthy” mission!

- Carole D.

All of My Symptoms are Gone

“Before seeing Dr. Kennedy, I had daily stomach pains, cramping, constipation, bloating, and a distended abdomen. I was experiencing these symptoms for years and no medical professional could tell me what was causing them. I tried going to a chiropractor who stated GI problems could be solved with adjustments, so I made a one year commitment to a chiropractor. After one year, my symptoms didn’t improve. My primary MD referred me to a gastroenterologist. They told me I was fructose intolerant but not lactose intolerant and was not sensitive to gluten. They told me to change my diet to exclude fructose and if my symptoms didn’t subside I should come back in 30 days. I wasn’t given instruction on what foods to avoid though. My symptoms didn’t go away and my abdomen was more distended than ever…”

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I went back to the GI specialist and he told me to take “as much Miralax as I could everyday”. This remedy wasn’t even plausible with having a full time job and having a life, instead of sitting by the bathroom all day.

I was put on a prescribed medication for constipation which didn’t help at all. Then I was referred for a colonoscopy. After going through all the prep for the colonoscopy and the procedure itself, I was told nothing abnormal was found.

The GI specialist was stumped, so he just referred me to a pelvic floor center without any other instruction. After researching what the purpose of a pelvic floor center is, I knew the GI specialist wasn’t even listening to what my primary concerns were. So, I went back to my primary doctor who just referred me to have a scan of my abdomen and a pelvic ultrasound. So I followed through with both and still no results.

By this time, I had invested over one year to seeking help and going through procedures with no answers. I used to enjoy running and working out which I wasn’t able to do anymore because of my stomach pains, bloating, and distention. The referral to Dr. Kennedy came from my chiropractor.

I was reluctant at first, but thought I had nothing to lose at this point. Dr. Kennedy listened to what my concerns were and informed me of what Nutrition Response Testing entails before getting into anything. I was told to cut out fructose, lactose, and gluten from my diet. The difference was that Dr. Kennedy told me specifically what foods I should and shouldn’t eat which made it much easier for me to follow.

I was given supplements to take each day and was explained what each was for. I was told to stay away from plastics, such as water bottles and food containers that I was storing my food in. I was also given wheat germ oil for my scars. I followed my regimen exactly and began seeing results within the first week. I was no longer constipated and my stomach pains and cramping went away. I was learning what my body needed and didn’t need so changing my diet was easy because I knew I was helping my body heal itself.

After four weeks, my bloating subsided and my abdomen was less distended. I couldn’t believe what took over one year for medical doctors to work on started changing after one month with Dr. Kennedy. Today, all of my symptoms are gone and my distention is improving. I am not as self-conscious in clothing and I am able to run and be more active again. I continue seeing Dr. Kennedy and continue to feel better. My distention was my worst symptom and I know it may take more time for this last symptom to go away. I am more than willing to keep at it because I have already started feeling like myself again. I was skeptical and said that if this actually worked I’d be the spokesperson for Nutrition Response Testing. So here I am, promoting the outcomes of just letting your body tell you what it needs.

- Megan

My Daughter’s Headaches are Gone!

“Originally we saw Dr. Kennedy for my senior high daughter who was suffering from headaches. She no longer has headaches. He deals with both the skeletal and muscle structure of the body. Because of his desire to want you to get well and his willingness to take the time with you, we, as a family have continued to see Dr. Kennedy.

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Everyone I have referred is still a patient of his. We have been going to him for 2 years now. I appreciate his knowledge of supplements as well. He has done a great job helping me eliminate some skin irritations by the supplements he has suggested. My 10 year old daughter really likes going to Dr. Kennedy. He is really good with her. I would say if you are in need of help, try Dr. Kennedy first!”

- Carrie, MN

Great Results and Felt Taller After Treatments

“As a professional martial artist, keeping my body in peak performance is essential to my well being in the ring as well as in the classroom. Dr Kennedy has not only helped me reach what I thought was my potential, but also exceeded what I believed to be my personal limitations.

My sleep has improved, I have more energy, and I went from being 5’11 to almost 6’2″ in about one month worth of treatments! Dr. Kennedy is unlike any other Chiropractor I have seen. He actually gets results!”

- Aaron, National Karate Instructor and Professional Fighter

Improved Shoulder Pain and Sleep

“I went to Dr. Kennedy I had shoulder pain that would wake me up at night. Dr. Kennedy did the necessary adjustments to help with the shoulder pain and also helped me to work on adjusting my posture which also helps with my problem. My shoulder pain has improved greatly and I am sleeping better also. Thanks Dr. Kennedy.”

- Randy, MN

Stomach Pain, Acid Reflux, and Allergies Improved

“I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for about a year. After receiving adjustments, changing my diet according to his recommendations and regularly taking the supplements for 6 months, my stomach pain due to acid reflux and my allergies had improved dramatically.

I would highly recommend his services if you have acid reflux or have allergies such as hay fever. My daughter has also been seen by Dr. Kennedy for a problem with her shoulder. She now has full use of the shoulder without any pain. Dr. Kennedy is always respectful of your budget and will not force you into anything.”

- Tony, MN

Shoulder Pain Gone and 12 Strokes Taken Off My Golf Game

“I had been having shoulder problems for a few months prior to seeing Dr. Kennedy. I was unable to golf or even workout normally due to the pain and weakness in the joint. He diagnosed my issue on the spot and after the first treatment I took 12 strokes off my golf game. Thanks Dr. Kennedy!”

- Kevin, MN

Pain-free After an Auto Accident

“I was in a bad car accident last year, and had trouble with my neck and back a few days after the accident. My car insurance covered my visits to Dr. Kennedy. I walked into his office with a crooked stance and walk– I was holding my neck awkwardly because it hurt to keep it straight. I also walked off-center.

Dr. Kennedy tested my muscles, and determined the areas he needed to target for my recovery. After seeing Dr. Kennedy a few times a week for several weeks, I was literally straightened out. I was able to walk in a straight line and hold my body up, without pain. I credit Dr. Kennedy’s work with my current pain-free state.”

- Emily, MN

Carpal Tunnel Pain and Allergies Gone. Medications Reduced.

“I heard about Dr. Kennedy through a mutual friend and I was excited to find a kinesthesiologist again. I have had a decade’s long problem with carpal tunnel syndrome that had reached the point of being unbearable. My hands were numb most of the time. I couldn’t type, hold a pen or kitchen knife and I was taking prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication daily. Dr. Kennedy’s treatments have drastically improved my condition.

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I have been able to reduce my medication significantly and am able to work without pain or braces. Additionally, he has helped me implement changes in lifestyle that have greatly improved my overall quality of life. He recently introduced me to supplements that have corrected a nagging cough and congestion due to allergies that had not responded to even the most recently released conventional medications. All I can say is WOW! I haven’t felt this good in years. He is always prompt, thorough and pleasant. I am so glad I found him.”

- Candace, MN

Ankle Pain Disappeared. Back to Karate Faster Than Expected!

“First time I went to see Dr. Kennedy I had severely sprained my ankle in a martial arts tournament. It was about 4 days of being unable to walk until I went to see Dr. Kennedy. When I left his office I didn’t need crutches anymore! He hastened my healing process by at least 2 weeks. Each following visit my ankle felt better and better. I was also given some supplements for my tendons so that they would heal. I would with out a doubt recommend Dr. Kennedy to anyone.”

- Walker, MN



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