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Life-Changing Experience

“I was referred to Dr. Kennedy by a personal trainer at my gym. I have been working out for several months with quite a few setbacks due to some back pain, pain in my knee, as well as a low overall energy level.

My experiences with chiropractors in the past have mixed but after just one session with Dr. Kennedy I could already tell his approach had made a huge difference. So many doctors just seem so focused on making sure you come back over and over again but Dr. Kennedy really takes the time to listen to your body in his treatments and recommend visits only when you need them.

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I have recommended Dr. Kennedy to many of my friends and co-workers and would highly recommend him to anybody else who is looking to rid themselves of pain and/or looking for ways to help find balance in their life.”

- Beverley, MN

Migraines Gone

“I began seeing Dr. Kennedy due to regular migraines. I was looking to eliminate the cause of my migraines, not just mask the pain with over-the-counter drugs. I was very impressed with his willingness to listen to my body and really develop a treatment plan that would benefit my individual needs.

I started feeling better right away! The migraines were gone, and my overall health and outlook has dramatically improved. I don’t feel like I have suffer with migraines – there are natural treatment options available to improve my whole body, mind and spirit.

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Dr. Kennedy also took the time to help educate me on listening to my body and making healthier choices for a long life. Each treatment is specific to what is going on with me at the time, and as my health continues to improve I feel empowered to continue making the right choices for my body and myself.

I would recommend his expert services to anyone looking to take a more natural and holistic approach to chiropractic care.”

- Amy, MN

Amazing Results

“Dr. Kennedy is very thorough. I have been seeing a Kinesiologist on and off for 7 years. I recently switched to Dr. Kennedy and I am very pleased with my decision to see him. He spends more time with me and completes far more in one session than my previous Dr. did in 3 sessions! He is always running on time for his appointments. I never have to wait past my appointment time to see him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.”

- Kim, MN

Pain Gone in One Visit

“I first tried Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic about 6-8 weeks ago. I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder and have seen a few different chiros over the years. After one – yes (1) session – it was completely gone! I recently returned for a tune up and once again – pain gone. I am highly highly recommending this service to anyone who has migraines, back, neck pain etc. He does an incredible job and if you see a chiro who asks you to come back you definitely have to see Michael. Thanks Michael!”

- Michelle, MN

Feeling Clearer and Stronger

“My experience receiving Kinesiology and Chiropractic treatments from Dr. Kennedy have been healing as well as very informative. I love the way Dr. Kennedy combines the structural and chemical during his treatments. I always leave feeling clearer and stronger.”

- Kelly, MN

Best Chiropractor I Have Seen

“While I was on the 3-day event I had the opportunity to see one of the best Doctors I have ever seen. I am not from the Twin Cities area but wanted any local ‘3-dayers’ to know, Dr. Kennedy is worth seeing. I saw him each day at lunch and he spent 15-20 minutes with me as we talked about my body and what I needed. We talked about long-term things I should be doing and maintenance. He is a practicing Chiropractor and an Applied Kinesiologist who truly listens to each patient. I would see him often if I were local. Thanks Dr. Mike, you are the best and my body thanks you!!!”

- Amberlea, FL

Takes the Necessary Time

“I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for about two years. He has been instrumental in getting my muscular and skeletal needs in order: beginning the process of ordering an MRI, adjusting treatment based on results, and recommending appropriate accessories to lessen the pain of my various conditions. The use of kinesiology with chiropractic care is a definite plus.

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Previous chiropractors have given an adjustment and ten minutes on the electro-stim machine. I have had treatments from Dr. K that have taken 45 min. He is willing to take the time needed for each treatment. He has helped minimized the amount of daily pain I need to endure. Presently I am on the “monthly tune-up” plan. Thank, Dr. K, for the excellent and professional care. And, I don’t mind driving 35 miles (one-way) for an appointment.”

- Fran, MN

TMJ Pain Gone

“To relieve TMJ, I saw a dentist who prescribed muscle relaxants and a massage therapist. Nothing helped. After seeing Dr. Kennedy, however, I was completely free of pain and stiffness. Our family met Dr. Kennedy when he helped our daughter, a college swimmer, dramatically improve ongoing back pain. We know we can count on him to provide outstanding health support in the most professional manner.”

- Kristi, MN

I always believed I fed my children good healthy foods.

“Last year my 8 year old son started showing severe tics (involuntary movements and sounds). They progressively grew worse as anxiety over school increased during the year. We tried ignoring them for a while- but then the tics started to increase as he became self-conscious about them. I simply could not watch my extremely confident and fun-loving boy spiral into a withdrawn boy due to embarrassment over his tics. I did not want to immediately put him on medication as I have seen so many side effects with meds. So with a little research I found Dr. Kennedy’s website showing that he had helped a child with tics and Tourette’s syndrome.

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He saw my son and found that there were several foods that he should stay away from. We have learned so much about nutrition thru Dr. Kennedy and how it truly affects your body in ways you would never have guessed. I always believed I fed my children good healthy foods. But this program showed me that we really were not making all the best choices and could make some improvements.

After making some adjustments to our diet and working with Dr. Kennedy to find out what triggers my sons tics we have seen a dramatic difference. I really noticed after our 7th and 8th sessions, the tics started to lessen. Even though my son will still tic from time to time, we went from constant head jerking 6 months ago to almost nothing today. I am really happy in our decision to pursue treatment with Dr. Kennedy. I feel that I am giving my son invaluable tools to really understand nutrition that will help him throughout his lifetime.”

- Kelly, MN


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